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Times Square Bomber Motivated By Obama?

Faisal Shahzad was reported by the media to be, “mad at Bush” or doing this for revenge for “drone attacks in Pakistan”.  Pundits have gone back and forth over whether this is or is not true, but the real question is why is did he finally decide to take action?

President Obama has spent time in several of his most public speeches to remind us all that what we say may energize fringe elements into violent action.  Well, Mr. President, mission accomplished.  If Shahzad is mad at Bush, perhaps the President’s constant blame of the entire Earth’s ills on Bush energized him.  Drone attacks?  Well, Obama hasn’t done anything to curb those (he just doesn’t talk about them so much).

Certainly we have to be aware of the Michigan militia members that are being tried for having discussed taking their country back and even talking about how they might take matters into their own hands.  Then again, where is their Nissan Pathfinder full of explosives?   Where is the action that they took?  If they had yelled their intentions in the public square, the panic alone would have been cause for arrest.  Getting upset and dreaming up actions they never intend to take is another.

Hypocrisy in the White House isn’t new, but this, added to the lunacy in California as liberal protesters lit torches and busted up shops to voice the anger against the Arizona immigration law, show that it is not the right we should be worrying about energizing into violent action.

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Rich Mitchell

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