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Obama's Plans Add Trillions to the Debt in Current Decade

Tax-and-spend liberalism has been replaced by spend and don’t tax enough radical liberal policy.  It’s not sustainable and definitely not fiscally healthy.  In a Washington Post article they state:

President Obama‘s proposed budget would add more than $9.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, congressional budget analysts said Friday. Proposed tax cuts for the middle class account for nearly a third of that shortfall.

Most would look at that statement and blame the spending as the whole problem when realistically, it’s the tax cuts on the middle class.   Yes, I’m a fiscal conservative, and yes, I think that taxes should only be used to pay for those things the Congress has enumerated powers for which it can collect.  I just decided to dig into the message a bit deeper.  It’s obvious tha even the liberals are realizing that by simply over-taxing the upper-end of the tax bracket (otherwise known as those who hire employees), they can’t pay for their extremist agenda.

Many of us have been trying to tell them that for decades.  Cutting middle-class taxes and putting the burden onto 1% of the high-end payers is a recipe for stagflation.  Jimmy Carter tried this same formula (along with price controls) and failed miserably (actually, he failed quite successfully).

Blaming middle-class tax cuts for revenue shortfalls is only realistic if we are also saying that we are spending too much money because of lower class needs.   Democrats cannot have it both ways.  Either you believe that the middle class makes too much money or you think that the lower class demands too many services.  At some point they will have to make a decision… but I am certain SEIU, AFGE (Government Employee’s Union… as if they aren’t overpaid/excessively-benefited already), AFL-CIO, UAW, and others are doing more to protect their own exorbitant revenues than help their members.

The government does not do studies or make press releases on the ridiculous salaries of union executives.  Certainly no one wants to discuss the impact that unions have on the American trade deficit.  Union leadership is no longer preventing grievances against it’s workers – now they are just protecting their own revenue streams, let the competitiveness of American companies be damned.

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