Democrats Concerned About 2010 Vote, Bribe Voters and Illegals

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In a Hot Air post by Ed Morrissey, we learned that Democrat strategists are concerned that without the record turnout from black voters that they enjoyed in 2008, they may be in for trouble.  ACORN is just trying to survive and is in no condition to rig this one for them, so what is a Democrat to do?  If you can’t buy votes through corrupt community organizations, buy them directly.

On Wednesday, President Obama said that he was, “announcing my support for an additional $250 in emergency recovery assistance to seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities to help them make it through these difficult times.”   There are some interesting motivations for this.  Of course, Obama points at the economy, but wait, Obama and Biden have said the stimulus worked.  Are seniors in more hardship now than they were 4 months ago?

This has more to do with health care and the Democrat fears of a stunning loss in the 2010 elections.

Without an African American presidential hopeful running for office, will the heavily Democrat-leaning black voter population show up?  Probably not.  SEIU and ACORN have some publicity issues to deal with after the highly-negative exposure they gained from beating a black man near a town hall because he was selling American Flags and of course, supporting child prostitution by clearing the way for illegal tax breaks and government mortgage help.

If they can’t count on the African-American community, where will the “help” come from for the Dems in 2010?

Senior citizens are the first voting block to which the Democrats are turning.  One of the largest and strongest segments of anti-health care reform sentiment is Senior Citizens.  AARP has seen historic losses in membership after they association voiced support for the President’s plan against senior’s wishes.  Democrats cannot afford to have those anti-left feelings carry over into next year’s elections.

Senate Leader Expressing Himself
Senate Leader Expressing Himself

Second, Harry Reid has blocked a measure in the Senate to restrict Census to those in the U.S. legally.  By expanding the census to illegal aliens, a left-leaning group, it could have wide-ranging effects.  The Census decides things like how congressional districts are drawn and how many representatives a state gets.  By favoring illegals, this could give blue states more representatives than they should get.

Can $250 really by a vote.  Sure, when it’s meant to cover up the bad news that Social Security recipients won’t be getting a cost-of-living adjustment this year.  Granted, they did get an almost 6% raise last year, but it’s always about what have you done for me lately.  If the senior segment of our population gets bought off for a measly 250 bucks and the illegal count in the census is used for congressional weighting and districting, the Democrats may have found a corrupt, but effective solution to being unpopular – buy the win.

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One Comment

  1. This is the amount of incredulous influence the–OPEN BORDER–lobbyists (business power brokers and ethnic zealots)) have on certain Democratic devious rabble? Once again the senate top echelon have huddled secretly (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS), recklessly placing E-Verify worker identification system in jeopardy. The obnoxious

    R-O-P-E Senate group as its being called on the Internet and nationwide, who are marked as Reid, Obama, Pelosi Emmanuel have indifferently pushed American Workers in the background, allowing the millions of illegal aliens to take their jobs. They have driven into the ground amendments from appearing in the final Homeland Security “conference committee” bill. They eradicated–ANY CHANCE–of a Senate’s permanent authorization of the E-Verify program.

    They have religiously under-funded, undermined the Senate’s mandate to beef up and complete the final 300 mile Mexican border fence. Then again it was never the original border wall as designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter. Illegal Aliens would have first had to scale the–FIRST–fence, run across the two lane highway for the Border Patrol vehicles, then scale an identical–SECOND FENCE. Under funded and weakened just like E-Verify, the police 287(g) arrest and detainment and ceasing the massive ICE raids. Finally the ROPE group strangled the Senate (already) passed ability of countrywide businesses to run their previous hires employees through E-Verify. So you can guess this is a harbinger to drop on the AMERICAN WORKER YET ANOTHER ULTIMATELY EXPENSIVE BLANKET AMNESTY. THOSE TAXPAYERS WILL BE FORCED TO PICK UP A TRILLION DOLLAR TAB. Be advised that Reid D-NV , Pelosi D-CA have one of the largest population of illegal immigrants in the country, who they are subservient too. Remember to expend your frustration and anger at 202-224-3121on your lawmakers. They are juggling with millions of American Workers job lifeline, by pandering to people who shouldn’t even be here?

    MY SUGGESTION IS DON”T BUY ANY SERVICES FROM BUSINESS THAT DOESN’T DISPLAY THE E-VERIFY PLACARD. Remember the real conniving happens in rooms hidden from the public awareness in conference committees. In addition, Remember Harry Reid as an incumbent Senator who carries the blemish of being anti-American Worker, Anti-Sovereignty must not be re-elected. Speaker Pelosi must go? So must Emmanuel? They have proved they cannot be trusted As NUMBERSUSA president says,” With no chance now of E-Verify dying in any minute, because they couldn’t annul the 3 year extension? The pro-amnesty forces no longer can try to use it as a bargaining chip. States, counties, cities and businesses can now be quite confident that they can set policy based on the E-Verify program being around.” IT’S NOT PERMANENT YET THANKS TO ROPE. This group has given preference to illegal workers instead of the 15 million authorized AMERICAN WORKERS. COMPREHEND MORE OF THE CORRUPTION THAT CANNOT BE DENIED BY POLITICIANS AT JUDICIAL WATCH. NUMBERSUSA will explain in detail the consequences of the illegal immigration occupiers. CAPSWEB for OVERPOPULATION information.

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