Liberals Mount Attack on Dissenters

Pelosi wagging finger
Nancy Pelosi

In an Alisnky-style attack, liberals are attempting to ridicule, shame, and belittle critics of Obama administration policies instead of debating the actual issues.

Nancy Pelosi, a liberal leader and Speaker of the House of Representatives, today issued a dire warning while speaking to reporters.  One member of the press asked what she thought of the recent anti-Obamacare discussion.  Pelosi’s response was that she has “concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late ’70s in San Francisco”.   The Speaker then when on to say that she found the rhetoric from those that disagreed with her to be, “very frightening”.

Liberals have often said that those that disagree with them don’t discuss the issues and resort to name-calling and fear-mongering.  In a turn-of-fate, the left has decided to use the tactic they often criticized others for employing.

Yesterday, another liberal congressional Representative, Maxine Waters(D-CA) stated that she wanted to see health care reform critics investigated.  She used terms like “Tea Bagger” and “Birther” to lump all of Obama’s critics together using belittling terms.

It’s no longer an isolated tactic.  Liberals from all corners of the left are signing on to the practice of labeling, generalizing, and name-calling anyone that disagrees with them. Recently, Jimmy Carter, in a television interview, commented that he believes that most of the anti-Obama sentiment is purely race-based.

In reviewing comments on multiple liberal blogs, it’s apparent that there is a growing movement within the left to label all dissent as racist and dangerous.  These claims appear to be galvanizing those that disagree with left-leaning politics and consequently increasing membership and activism in the anti-big government movement.  It is possible that by grouping different anti-liberal groups together, the left have created a daunting common enemy where there was once a bunch of much smaller ones.

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