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How The Left Sees Seniors?

How The Left Sees Seniors?

This weeks headlines: Harry Reid says support the Post Office because (in part) Seniors Love to get Junk Mail. It keeps them in communication with the outside world. I’ll be honest. I laughed when I read this. Ninety-nine percent of my junk mail goes immediately into the recycling bin…that is after I shred all the […]

Senate Socialists Bailout Buffoonery Continues

The United States Senate, led by Liberal Democrat Harry Reid, is lining up at the taxpayer-funded debt-lovers cash trough again this week in the form of trying to “fix” another crisis of their own making. Meet  S. 1789  , or as today’s Senate Progressives call it, the 21st Century Postal Act of 2012: A bill to improve, sustain, and transform the United States […]