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How The Left Sees Seniors?

This weeks headlines: Harry Reid says support the Post Office because (in part) Seniors Love to get Junk Mail. It keeps them in communication with the outside world.

I’ll be honest. I laughed when I read this. Ninety-nine percent of my junk mail goes immediately into the recycling bin…that is after I shred all the unwanted credit applications.

But I’m not a senior. Yet. So I shared this with my ‘slightly’ older friends. One, who lives in a retirement neighborhood, wrote back how insulted she was. She put bulk mail in the same category as phone solicitations -neither fit into her schedule. Of course, she didn’t write immediately because she was at pottery class while her husband was out exercising. I also thought of my parents, who do claim their senior citizenship. I couldn’t talk to them about it as they are in the middle of the Arizona desert prospecting gold and photographing wildlife, out of cell phone reach. And let me just say, Mom’s last email began with OMG… They’re not waiting for the postman, to communicate with the world.

Who sits at home waiting for junk mail? The closest I could think of was my mother-in-law who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. Its debilitating effects did keep her home and limited activities outside. Yes, I remember she always asked about the mail. Yet, she was looking for letters from the kids and her siblings; not an enlightening article advertising the merits of liposuction.

In general the seniors I know are a busy lot. They take advantage of their free time with hobbies, travel, spending time with family. Heck, many are still working. So Senator Reid’s comment makes me wonder if he speaks from personal experience or if this idea that seniors are feeble and homebound is something more related to a Progressive philosophy where elderly people have limited abilities.

Remember the health care debates? Or the left response to Paul Ryan’s Medicare modification plan (which would not affect those over 55)? Progressives claimed that the GOP wants to Throw Granny Off A Cliff while  President Obama , ironically, clearly indicated his thoughts whether seniors should have the same quality of care as others. Give Granny A Pill

There is no doubt that ‘end of life’ care might be different from ‘retiree care’ but these comments cause one to question the general attitude. Does the government think it knows what’s best for the folks? Or a better question, does this current administration listen to and understand the wants and needs of its citizens? Or is this administration, as Harry Reid appears to be, out of touch? When Team Obama accidentally shares its true agenda including its thoughts on those who might not be seen as productive workers we should take heed.

Senate Socialists Bailout Buffoonery Continues

The United States Senate, led by Liberal Democrat Harry Reid, is lining up at the taxpayer-funded debt-lovers cash trough again this week in the form of trying to “fix” another crisis of their own making. Meet  S. 1789  , or as today’s Senate Progressives call it, the 21st Century Postal Act of 2012: A bill to improve, sustain, and transform the United States Postal Service. This bill is sponsored by the lifelong fake Democrat posing as an Independent, Joe Lieberman. (L-D-CT) This USPS bailout bill  poses as a bi-partisan piece of work based on the support of the co-sponsorship from another fake Republican posing as a moderate, Susan Collins. (RINO-ME) The cost of the Senate-Progressives-USPS-bailout bill to the U.S. taxpayers? A cool $41 billion soon-to-be-borrowed taxpayer dollars.

For a more detailed understanding of just why the taxpayer is being forced to bailout the USPS by Senate Progressives this week, check out The United States Postal Ponzi Scheme.

It is none other than the U.S. Government itself that has caused this most recent “crisis” that threatens to shut down the USPS. In the words of Mr. Donahoe, the Postmaster General himself back in the summer of 2011, we see glimpses of the big government intervention causing the collapse of what was once a proud, viable U.S. Mail delivery system:

“The Postal Service is in a crisis today because it operates within a restrictive business model and has limited flexibility to respond to a changing marketplace,” To which he added, “We need the ability to operate more as a business does. This applies to the way we provide products and services, allocate resources, configure our retail, delivery and mail processing networks and manage our workforce.” (emphasis added)

That info-byte above is the Postmaster General of the USPS himself, begging the wizards of Congress to allow him to reform the USPS system so that they would not have to be bailed out in 2012 by the taxpayers due to the impending insolvency. Congress basically said no, and refused to allow Mr. Donohue to enact the needed reforms. Enter S. 1789, which also has another progressive debt-loving fake Republican on the co-sponsor’s list, Sen. Scott Brown. (RINO-MA) While select politicians and D.A.M. media operatives will hail this USPS bailout bill as bi-partisan during the coming weeks, it in fact, only has the support of Progressive Senators who are lining up trying to score political points for the upcoming elections.

The description of S. 1789 claims that is it designed to sustain,improve, and transform the U.S, Postal System. What will the $41 billion borrowed tax dollars be used for? As Daniel Horowitz  informs the citizenry, “This time, taxpayers will be tapped for another $41 billion to subsidize the healthcare retirement benefits of postal workers – benefits that are quite scarce in the private sector.”  The Progressive Senators USPS Bailout Bill of 2012 will not in fact “reform” the USPS into a more business-like sustainable entity, as claimed, but once again kicks the insolvency can down the road and opens the door to never-ending taxpayer bailouts of the dysfunctional, unsustainable USPS, much like the Progressive thievery  of the past two decades known as the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “everyone deserves a house, regardless of ability to pay” programs that led to the housing and mortgage crisis. For a look into another reason for the USPS insolvency, check out the Liberal election-buying Union manipulation that is also behind this scheme, please see The USPS is Broke.

Call up your Senators this week, demand that they say no to the Progressive USPS Bailout Bill of 2012, (S.1789) and let every single one of them know you will be paying close attention to their votes on it.