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U.K. scouts remove God from pledge


mjtmail (CC)

mjtmail (CC)

In the wake of a controversial Boy Scouts of America vote allowing openly gay members, traditional scouting was dealt another blow by administrators in Great Britain.

The Girl Guides and Brownies programs overseas have pledged to “love God” for more than a century, but a recent decision scrapped that portion of the oath for more politically correct, humanist language.

The program’s counterpart in Australia has already undergone a similar change to its pledge and U.K. Boy Scouts are also looking into whitewashing any references to a Higher Power.

Replacing an oath to the Creator, the young girls now must pledge only to “myself” and “my beliefs.” The permissive left regularly uses such language to justify any number of unconscionable acts.

While the Girl Guides hope to bring in more non-believers with the secular update, some see it as an inexcusable break from tradition.

“Taking ‘God’ out of the promise denies the history and foundations of the movement without offering anything in its place,” said Christian Concern CEO Andrea Miniciello Williams, noting “the organization will lose its distinctive ethos and end up meaning nothing.”

Standing for nothing is vital to the radical left, though, because it won’t offend anyone. The Christians upset with having any reference to the organization’s heritage ripped from the oath can easily be dismissed as intolerant extremists.

Scouting programs were one of the last remaining programs through which traditional values and code of conduct were passed from one generation to the next. This, too, has now been thoroughly infiltrated by the lunatic left.

The Girl Guides’ selfward shift in focus can be seen in the larger context of its recently appointed CEO, Julie Bentley, who called the organization the “ultimate feminist organization.” Feminists have long been misled to believe they are better off independent and without any outside, ‘oppressive’ influence. Removing a young girl’s greatest potential influencer from her pledge is one more step in continuing that dishonest narrative.

For now, American scouts still pledge to God. Given this nation’s rapid and unprecedented moral decline, though, smart money says it’s just a matter of time.

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Religious gesture leads to team’s disqualification

After completing a winning relay and looking forward to competing in state championships, a Texas high school track team has been disqualified for a benign gesture by one of the participants.
When runner Derrick Hayes pointed toward the sky after completing the team’s fastest race of the year, the school district decided to ban the team from further competition for a purported rule violation.

Robert O’Connor, the district’s superintendent, explained rules dictate no participant can engage in celebratory acts, including raised hands.

Hayes’ father said his son was just acknowledging God’s role in the successful run.

He is among a number of other individuals who are actively disputing the ruling, though there is no indication state officials will overturn the decision.

“You cross a finish line and you’ve accomplished a goal and within seconds it’s gone,” said the elder Hayes, wondering “what does that tell them about the rest of their lives? You’re going to do what’s right, work extra hard, and have it ripped away from you?”

Though O’Connor doesn’t see Hayes’ display as “technically a terrible scenario,” he said “the action did violate the context of the rule.”

Many oppose the disqualification on religious freedom grounds, though I contend this incident also highlights another unfortunate trend in today’s society.

Removing any sign of celebration from a victory sends precisely the wrong message to the next generation – though from a leftist standpoint, it makes perfect sense.

While good sportsmanship should always be expected, there should be a reward for hard work and these students deserve a bit of self-congratulation. Instead, the progressive agenda calls for all participants to be treated equally, despite effort or achievement.

As we’ve seen in countless other aspects of life, this practice only serves to disincentivize success, lowering the overall quality of life across the board.

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The Temptation To Secularize Easter

There will be lots of chocolate, candy, eggs, ham, turkey, and other festive and delicious treats partaken of on Easter Sunday. Children all across the world will attend church services showcasing their flattering dresses and spiffy suits. Parents will sit proudly in church pews and watch their children recite a poem or portray a role in a skit. This indeed fits the description of a traditional Easter service.

There is nothing wrong per se in enjoying these activities, if we keep the meaning of this sacred holiday in perspective. Easter is the holy remembrance of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The old, but untarnished story of Christ’s death on Calvary’s hill still resonates among Christians today. The stripes that were whipped upon his back and the painful beatings that Christ endured is the message of love that brings hope and rest to today’s weary soul. The scriptures in the Holy Bible declare in John 3:16: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but but have eternal life.” (NLT). There is much joy in this beautiful reminder that Christ died for our imperfections so that we may, wholeheartedly and abundantly, live with purpose.

It was with Christ’s death, that his critics and antagonists celebrated prematurely in their naive belief that the King of Kings was defeated in death. It was to their surprise and to the joy of many others that Christ rose from the grave three days later. His resurrection is what makes the Easter story so compelling, unique and matchless. Death could not defeat him. The grave could not hold him. He rose with power and with a stern and electrifying message that he was still God, in despite of the circumstances that had surrounded him.

This the real message of Easter. It is tempting to secularize Easter into making it about marketing, commercialism and festivities. The real challenge is to remind our fellow brother and sister of the power of God’s love. It is essential that the members of the Christian community be ambassadors of Christ. This consists of telling those who feel hopeless, depressed and battered down by the pressures of life that there is a Savior who died for their iniquities and wishes to heal and make them whole.

There is a temptation to make this holy and sacred holiday secular. There is the temptation to focus solely on easter egg hunts and shopping and neglect to reflect on the life of Christ. We must remember that the mainstream and secular philosophy of this society will never replace the timeless truth of the real Easter story.

This Easter, I will partake of a hearty meal and all the other traditions, but I will never replace those with the true meaning of Easter–Jesus Christ. If we secularize Easter, we are in danger of replacing the story of Christ with our own vanity.