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New political ad makes accurate comparisons between Clinton and Nixon [Video]

Hillary Clinton shrug

This is the kind of “holy crap WOW” stuff you must share, like, tweet, follow, text or call your friends and family about. We know she’s criminally liable in most of what she’s done, but even the FBI is afraid to go after her. Now… it’s time to prosecute! “I am not a crook” may have even more relevance today than ...

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How Advice from Three Frenchmen Could Have Won the Shutdown Battle

Speaker John Boehner is the Adm. Karl Dönitz of Republican politics. Hemmed in on one side by the pounding batteries of the Mainstream Media and on the other by a mob of howling leftists eager to send him to a self–criticism session on MSNBC — Boehner desperately tries to negotiate a surrender to Supreme Commander Obama that will leave him ...

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Newsman leaves crucial detail out of burglary account

Newsman leaves crucial detail out of burglary account Somehow, Dan Rather is still able to find an audience despite his very public ouster from CBS in 2004 after reporting falsified and unsubstantiated information about President George W. Bush. Of course, his audience has been decreased exponentially, but the holdover from a bygone generation of news anchors continues to exercise his ...

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Obama Media Worm Turns on Woodward

The name Bob Woodward has been synonymous with investigative journalism for the vast majority of my lifetime. By the time I started getting my feet wet in that world, his words had been used for years by Journalism professors across the country – including my own. And I had assumed that he would enjoy privileged status until his full retirement, ...

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