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This Week on the Dark Side w/Kira Davis

This week on the Dark Side we talk with PJTV and Breitbart contributor Alfonzo Rachael about his latest Occupy Wall Street video and his thoughts on the movement.  Also we’ll break down the debate and the show officially moves to 90 minutes!  Plus, a big announcement about the Dark Side.  Don’t miss it. Tune in this Tuesday, October 18th at ...

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Tonight on the Dark Side w/Kira Davis:

Tonight on the Dark Side we’ll talk about the Bloomberg-Washington Post debate (of course!), Romney & Mormonism, and CDN’s own @AiPolitics may stop by for a chat and some cookies. Join us in the chat room and spread the word! 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific.

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This Week on the Dark Side w/Kira Davis…

This week on the Dark Side we’ll talk to Christopher Arps from Move-on-up about Black conservatism and the current GOP field.  Also, has Herman Cain shot himself in the foot already? And Occupy Wall Street is still protesting..stuff, and other bad things. We have their manifesto and we’ll read through their coherent, not at all communistic demands line by line.  ...

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The Dark Side with Kira Davis Premiers 9/13 on CDNews Radio

I used to think of conservatism as the Dark Side.  Growing up in socialist Canada, the daughter of agnostic/atheist hippies, I developed a real disdain for the ideology of conservatism.  When I moved to America for good in 1992, I only had my ideas bolstered by a media that hated Ronald Reagan and painted every Republican/conservative as a racist, evil, ...

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