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Who Needs Enemies?

Troubled only begins to describe the state of the the relationship between President Obama’s Administration and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, the tension has come to a head as Netanyahu increases pressure on the U.S.

On Friday, an interview with Netanyahu was published, during which he implied that Israel may not be able to rely on the U.S. claims of taking action against Iran. This is following, what some perceived, as a harsh statement made earlier in the week in which he said, “those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran do not have the moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

Recently, the Israeli PM has made requests to the U.S. to set a timetable for action against Iranian nuclear facilities, claiming that Iran is close to nuclear capability, a fact that Iran is quick to deny. He has pointed out that action now could lead to less need for force in the future. The rhetoric from the Obama administration has been a promise to keep Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon but refusal to set a timeline. Cautioning the necessity to wait, they say there is still time.

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, stated “We’re watching very carefully to see what they do because it has always been more about their actions than their words.”

Comments such as that prompted Netanyahu to ask, “How long must we wait?” How long indeed? And for what action would Clinton and the administration wait? For Iran to realize nuclear capability and take military action against Israel?

Despite the obvious pressure added to U.S./Israel relations, Obama has denied a request made by the Israeli leader for a meeting when he visits the U.S. for a UN General Assembly Meeting later this month. Representatives for Obama site scheduling conflicts as the reason for denying the request. However, Obama has made time to meet with Egypt’s President and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammad Morsi next week.

Egypt is an Obama proclaimed non-ally while Israel has been a long-standing friend and ally of the U.S.; which begs the question, with friends like the Obama administration…

U.N. leader urges Israel to halt settlement construction and resume talks with Palestine

After negotiations failed last week U.N. leader Ban Ki-Moon called upon Israel on Wednesday to halt construction of settlements on the West Bank and resume talks with Palestinians. The U.N. secretary general said he hope that talks between Palestine and Israel, that took place last month in Jordan, could continue and “Israel’s cooperation in creating a positive dynamic is vital.”


Ban, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at his side said “all Israeli settlements are contrary to international law and prejudice” the outcome of a final peace deal. Ban spoke of Abbas’ leadership and gave him his support on key issues. This include Palestine’s demand to immediately stop building on occupied land they want for their state.

Earlier in the day at a joint press conference with Netanyahu, Ban said “This is the moment to display further leadership to ensure that negotiations continue.” Netanyahu thanked Ban for trying to help but said “It cannot be a precondition to enter into that agreement” referring to the settlements.

On Sunday, Netanyahu told his cabinet the chances of talks resuming were “not particularly good.” According to a press release from the Prime Ministers office,  Netanyahu spoke to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday and told her Israel had intentions to continue the talks but within the confines of maintaining Israel’s security interest.

While Israel has called for direct negotiations without preconditions. The Palestinians have said Israel accepting pre-1967 lines and the freezing of settlement construction as a basis for negotiations of Palestine’s borders.