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Hanoi Jane as Nancy Reagan – Just say no!

This is one day when Jane Fonda should be thanking her lucky stars that Nancy Reagan is such a classy woman! While folks on the left might try to say that the right-wing being appalled at even the whisper of Fonda playing the former First Lady is overwrought, the fact is that it is damn near sacrilege. (That’s meaningful, coming from a heathen, by the way!)
Nancy Reagan
Granted, this project might very well end up being scrapped anyway. It has not found funding, and all the stars associated with it so far are just “rumored”. As of writing this, IMDb hasn’t included Fonda in their list of stars. As for at least some film industry wonks, they seem to be of the opinion that this is “stunt casting” – picking stars primarily to annoy people, in the hope of getting some free publicity for the project.

Shirley Jones and Nancy Reagan


That said, the suggestion of the day is to wait and see if this project gets funding. If it does and Fonda is still included in the cast, then it would be a good idea to start writing to whichever studio picks it up with the suggestion that they replace her with a more suitable actress. Given the age of Fonda, and the fact that she’s no longer considered as highly as she once was, there shouldn’t be any problem with replacing her with someone like, say, Shirley Jones. At least Jones would have far more insight into playing Reagan, since she’s at least met and interacted with her socially.