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The U.S. Constitution in Plain Language

In response to the New York Times editorial “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution,” written by esteemed scholar Louis Michael Seidman, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, since the language of the Constitution can be technical and outdated, republishing something as brilliant as The Federalist Papers simply wouldn’t convince many people that so-called “progressives” ...

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As Obama redefines everything .. the right whiffs at the plate

Some “Constitutionalists” say that “social issues” are not for election years – as if social issues were absent Constitutional basis. Listening as a Democrat pundit said Thursday that sixty-something percent of Americans “support marriage” but saying so in a way that was intended to purport that the same majority supported gay marriage, the goal of redefining what marriage actually means ...

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Moderate Schizophrenia

Does the middle see themselves as center-right or center-left? According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, it’s both. The poll found that 56% of voters feel that the average Democrat is more liberal than they are but only 46% find that the average Republican is to their right. That would indicate a closer relationship to Republican values than to Democrat values. ...

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