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New Black Panthers: “Under Siege”

Just days ago, on August 12th 2012, the New Black Panther Party on its radio show was claiming that they(black people) were “under siege” by the “RNC, tea party, tea baggers, and people who hate black people.” The voice of the woman speaking is Michelle Williams. Chief of Staff to the group.

Breitbart has acquired two audio files of the group in action on their radio show, openly expressing their views of racism and hatred toward anyone not black.

In the second audio clip from the New Black Panthers, they are openly threatening white people.  There is a man who is saying that you must “drag them(white people) from their homes, and skin their asses alive.”  He continues to say that you have to “pour acid on their asses, dunk them in the G** Damn river, bring them back up and punch in the head.”

He goes on to explain how the New Black Panther Party needs to establish its own military organization. Listen to both audio clips from Breitbart.com below.


First Audio file.


Second Audio file.

The female voice that is heard in the first audio clip, is the chief of staff to the New Black Panther Party, Michelle Williams.  The one who put out the bounty on George Zimmerman during the racial hype in the beginning of that investigation into the Trayvon Martin Case in Florida.