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The New Racism in America; Time to Face Facts

Racism is alive and well in America fueled by failed liberal policies and the Obama Administration. Fifty-one years after the Civil Rights Act was passed people are still too often being “judged by the color of their skin,” and not “by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King would be appalled to discover that the majority of Americans who ...

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Payback For The 1960’s

After the Zimmerman trial there has been a big uproar about how the black communities have collapsed over the years, well once again we have to look at all those bleeding heart Liberals for the cause of it all. Back in the 1960’s Liberals came up with all these laws, policies and programs that were supposed to help and elevate the black ...

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Detroit; A Liberal Tragedy

Every now and then I receive an E-mail that shocks me, I am going to reprint it here, see if it shocks you. I still find it hard to believe. Frosty Wooldridge (born 1947) is a US journalist, writer, environmentalist, traveler DETROIT: By Frosty Wooldridge For 15 years, from the mid 1970’s to 1990, I worked in Detroit, Michigan. I ...

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