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The New Racism in America; Time to Face Facts

Racism is alive and well in America fueled by failed liberal policies and the Obama Administration. Fifty-one years after the Civil Rights Act was passed people are still too often being “judged by the color of their skin,” and not “by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King would be appalled to discover that the majority of Americans who now do this are black, not white. You might not realize this if you only listen to mainstream media. Rarely are black on white crimes reported as racially motivated. The recent “polar bear hunting” or “knock out game” attacks, if reported at all, were most often categorized as youthful hijinks rather than racism. Yet facts are facts.

Yearly there are roughly 1,700, 000 violent crimes between blacks and whites. Of these the Justice Department reports that 85% of them are committed by blacks on whites. Whites, including Hispanic which the DOJ classifies as white, commit only 15%. Certainly not all these crimes are racially motivated. Some of the victims were probably targeted because they were perceived to be more likely to have something valuable or be less able to resist or fight back. However these numbers indicate that some of these attacks are likely to be racially motivated, as more African-Americans view Caucasians as their enemy.

How can that be? White society has made significant improvement in their attitude and treatment of African-Americans since the ‘60’s. There are several reasons. Historically, blacks were unfairly treated by many whites, and not just in the South. Groups like the NAACP and more radical organizations like the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam constantly remind blacks of that, and insist that they are still being treated unfairly by the white majority. This resentment has grown as it becomes apparent that the Civil Rights Act hasn’t automatically improved the lives of far too many blacks, especially those who live in inner cities.

Liberals, who felt honest regret, even guilt, at the way blacks were treated tried to correct the situation, but their solutions have often made the problems worse, not better. Affirmative action, in spite of limited success and regardless of the fact that two wrongs seldom results in a right, can’t make unqualified African-Americans successful if they don’t have the skills to compete. Schools in black neighborhoods were and still are substandard, but the liberal solution of lowered standards and relaxed discipline hasn’t resulted in real improvement. Handing out unearned diplomas doesn’t give the graduates real skills to participate effectively in society. Worse liberal welfare policies have contributed to the dissolution of the black families and increased dependency on the government. The crime and poverty rates in inner cities have soared making life even harder for those trapped in them. This builds resentment, especially when young blacks are constantly being told by race hustlers that it’s the white man’s fault.

The election of the first black President should have proved most white Americans have moved beyond kneejerk racism, but due to the words and actions of President Obama, his wife, and some of his advisors, such as former Attorney General Holder, it’s had the opposite effect. Far from being inspirations to aspiring blacks the Obama administration has fueled racial discord. Michelle Obama said, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country …” The President opined that white police “acted stupidly…” arresting a black professor. In the Martin/Zimmerman shooting Obama told us, “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” In Ferguson he sympathized with protesters over the grand jury’s decision calling their anger an “understandable reaction.” More than once the President and First Lady have related perceived racism against them in their youth. All this gives credence to the white privilege myth and anti-white message of new groups like Black Lives Matter, in spite of the fact that “Hands up. Don’t shoot,” never happened.

This growing racism is dangerous both to our society as a whole and to the black culture in particular, because it will only result in further division between the races.

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  1. Funny, this article has no legitimate sources cited, but hey, it says blacks are barbaric and murderous, so it must be fact.

    That was sarcasm btw………

    1. When did I write that? As for sources, the crime statistics are from the DOJ. The “knock out game” is real. I didn’t cite the examples of attacks on whites where Trayvon or Ferguson were mentioned due to space restrictions, but they’ve happened. I also didn’t cite the single-mother birth rate in the black community which is over 70%, or the number of blacks who don’t finish high school even with relaxed standards, but that’s real, too.
      There is a building (and understandable) resentment by many inner city African-Americans who have been told repeatedly that they are victims of white racism. You can’t solve a problem if you don’t admit there is one.

      1. You say repeatedly that you didn’t cite this & that, but in reality you didn’t bother to cite anything.

        And no, you didn’t actually call blacks barbaric or murderous, but you did make a very strong insinuation in this piece.

        If you believe that Whites and Hispanics commit only 15% of all violent crimes and blacks commit a whopping 85%, then I’ve got a beachfront property in Nevada I’d like to sale you.

        I’m not a Liberal, but this article is complete and utter trash. Please stop pandering to the racists who feed off of these types of articles. We won’t win the White House or gain the Black vote, which we desperately need, with this type of propaganda and misinformation.

        Also, here’s a more accurate and realistic breakdown of crime and race in America. I think you, as well as anyone who read that crap above, should check out. Thanks.


        1. You know, JW8614, I don’t think we disagree as much as you seem to think we do.
          I didn’t cite every single thing I could because the post would have been a few thousand words long. Your site on the DOJ stats was basically what I referred to… and it wasn’t that blacks commit 85% of the total crimes, only that of the violent crimes between races that 85% are black on white.
          Also, I still don’t see how you can infer my the post that I insinuated that blacks are “barbaric or murderous” any more than any other group. I’m guessing you have a preconceived opinion that you don’t want challenged. I don’t know you, so I could be wrong.
          Finally, my post was not primarily written for political gain. Sure, Republicans need black votes (and any others they can get), but ignoring the problem won’t solve it. By the way… the 90% voting record of African-Americans for one party seems a little racist in and of itself.
          The bottom line is that a black man or woman is safer walking down a street in my neighborhood than I, let alone a white woman, would be walking down a street in far too many black communities. That’s wrong, that’s not what we should be seeing. I resent you labeling the truth as racist. Facts are facts. Deal with them and fix the problem.

          1. Before I lose the site again, let me say kudos for tackling a very difficult subject in such a concise and factual manner. Without a respectful dialog there can be no solutions. It is quite normal for us to fear the unknown and all to often we find it much less complicated to ‘label and file’. Environment is, to me, a large contributor to our mental attitude (indoctrination) and extremely difficult to change. I do believe there is a solution that all parties can find acceptable and retain their own identity. I’m not at all certain how an emotion as strong as hate can be neutralized or even moderated. Articles like this offer hope.

  2. In the last twenty or so years, it’s become reverse discrimination rather than discrimination against the blacks. And in the six years of the present administration, the use of this discrimination fits into their grand scheme for the destruction of the American way of life, and the introduction of socialism. Our elected politicians are so afraid of being called racist, that they are willing participants in this act of treachery. As it is said, liberalism is a mental disease and it is very infectious.

    1. I hope you like my post. I’m trying to get established and your response to something I wrote leads me to believe I’m on the right track.
      I’m not sure how many liberals are deliberately trying to create an underclass dependent on them vs. how many are actually convinced they are doing the “right” thing. I completely agree with the rest of what you say. I mean, you had a system (whatever its faults- and they are many) that worked for most why replace it with a system that has never worked?

  3. Thank you. Dialog is important, but facing facts are even more so. There absolutely is a growing inner city African-American culture that blames whites for their problems. They do have problems and they have been told for decades it’s the white man’s fault. Hitler and his Nazi party was able to convince millions of Germans that Jews were evil. It’s very hard to overcome constant input about how your problems are the fault of some other group. The Obamas could have helped greatly, but instead, contrary to all evidence, they have fueled the idea that whites are still persecuting blacks.
    Your point that the environment you grow up in molds our metal attitude is SO true. When you look at history and some of the things people did to one another nothing should surprise you. Heck, look at what ISIS is doing in the Middle East today.

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