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GOSNELL WHO?! (It Ain't Easy Being a Babykiller)

GOSNELL WHO?! (It Ain’t Easy Being a Babykiller)

Steven Crowder is back! And right out of the gates, he’s tackling the EVIL babykiller – Kermit Gosnell! (H/T ConservativeVideos.com and Liberty Alliance.)

ZoNation: Left-Wing Media Ignore the Gosnell House of Horrors

ZoNation: Left-Wing Media Ignore the Gosnell House of Horrors

Alfonzo Rachel explains how the right-wing blew it when it comes to the Kermit Gosnell case. (Yes, you do need to watch the whole video, take notes, and get out there to do what he says we should have done!) (H/T ConservativeVideos.com and Alfonzo Rachel)

Crowder's Back!!

Crowder’s Back!!

He’s been missing for some time now, enjoying married life. Or was it just the hiatus he needed to bring a new and improved set of comedic masterpieces for you? Who knows? All that matters is…. STEVEN CROWDER IS BACK!!!! (H/T ConservativeVideos.com)