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Why Do Dems Elect Perverts And Criminals?

Once again, I find myself shaking my head and saying, “What the hell is going on in this country,” it has been an all too common phrase for me. As I sit here reading about the disgraced pervert, Democratic politician from New York Anthony Weiner, I scratch my head, how could he possibly be in second place in the Democratic primary for Mayor of New York, what a disgrace for my hometown.

For those of you who do not remember the Weiner story, this disgraced perverted Democratic Mayoral candidate was caught using the social media website Twitter to send a link to a sexually suggestive picture (of his Weiner) to a 21-year-old woman from Seattle, Washington. After several days of denying media reports that he had posted the image, he admitted to having sent a link to the photo, and other sexually explicit photos and messages to women both before and during his marriage. On June 20, 2011,Weiner formally submitted his letter of resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives, effective at midnight on June 21. His letter of resignation was read on the floor of the House of Representatives on June 23 and entered into the record. Now there are actually people who want this pervert to become Mayor of New York City, unbelievable.



Another disgraced New York Democratic politician ex-Governor Elliot Spitzer, forced to resign because of a prostitution scandal. According to published reports, investigators believe Spitzer paid up to $80,000 for prostitutes over a period of several years while he was Attorney General, and later as Governor. Spitzer first drew the attention of federal investigators when his bank reported suspicious money transfers, which initially led investigators to believe that Spitzer may have been hiding bribe proceeds. The investigation of the governor led to the discovery of the prostitution ring, guess what one of his platforms was, that’s right, fighting prostitution.(He would always have sex with his socks on) Spitzer announced on March 12, 2008, that he would resign his post as governor at noon on March 17, 2008, amid threats of his impeachment by state lawmakers. After his resignation, CNN gave him a television show (can you believe that?)  Now he is said to be preparing for a comeback into politics, unbelievable.



Again we go back to New York City, Charles Rangel New York Representative for 42 years, was once the head of the House Ways and Means Committee. Beginning in 2008, Rangel faced a series of allegations of ethics violations and failures to comply with tax laws. The House Ethics Committee focused on whether Rangel improperly rented multiple rent-stabilized New York apartments, improperly used his office in raising money for the Rangel Center at the City College of New York, and failed to disclose rental income from his villa in the Dominican Republic. In March 2010, Rangel stepped aside as Ways and Means Chair. In November 2010, the Ethics Committee found Rangel guilty of 11 counts of violating House ethics rules, and on December 2, 2010, the full House approved a sanction of censure against Rangel. On July 29, 2010, Rangel was charged by the committee with 13 counts of violating House rules and federal laws. Even after all this, he was re-elected when he ran in the 2010 election, unbelievable.



I saved the best for last, who could forget the former Mayor of Washington D.C. Marion Barry, federal officials had been investigating Barry for six years on suspicion of illegal drug possession and use; that fall, they were able to make cases against Barry and several of Barry’s associates for past cocaine use. On January 18, 1990, Barry was arrested in a sting operation at the Vista Hotel by the FBI and D.C. Police for crack cocaine use and possession. Barry was charged with three felony counts of perjury, 10 counts of misdemeanor drug possession, and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to possess cocaine and was sentenced to six months in federal prison. Barry was released from prison in 1992, and two months later filed papers to run for the Ward 8 city council seat in that year’s election. Barry ran under the slogan “He May Not Be Perfect, But He’s Perfect for D.C.”  he won, winning 70 percent of the vote and in 1995 won re-election for Mayor. Despite his history of political and legal controversies, Barry remains a figure of popularity and influence on the local political scene of Washington D.C. unbelievable.



What does this say about the people of America who elect perverts, drug dealers, drug users, tax cheats, thieves, liars and who knows what else they might be hiding? It seems like every day I pick up the New York paper, there is a politician being investigated, indicted, or prosecuted and 95% of the time they are Democrats, make of that what you will, no wonder our country is going downhill.


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For the “progressive” Party Pravda, Only Conservatives Commit Crimes

David Fischer, the Associated Press and Yahoo News should be ashamed of themselves.   They have stretched so far to create a negative headline about GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney an eighteen wheeler can be driven through the holes in the story.

For years Fischer, AP and Yahoo have consistently and willfully ignored the fact that in his autobiography “Dreams From My Father” their dearly beloved leader freely admitted to using drugs many times.  “I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years,” he wrote about his days in college. “Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it.”

However, like rabid dogs, they have jumped all over Romney for meeting Marco Rubio at a public juice stand, making short speeches and then handing out juices to the eager crowd.

What was the headline?

“Host for Romney event is a convicted drug dealer”

The truth is: Reinaldo Bermudez, owner of El Palacio del los Jugos, did serve three years in federal prison after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine back in 1999.

Bermudez has repaid society for that crime.  He has served the time.  He is now legally engaged in conducting a successful small business that provides for a need in the community.

In a statement to the Miami New Times, Bermudez said “Thankfully, we all have the opportunity in this country to re-enter society when we’ve done something wrong.”

Have Fischer, AP and Yahoo never heard of redemption in America?  Apparently, by members of the self-imagined, self-appointed intellectual elite, redemption is not bequeathed upon Conservatives.  It is reserved solely for “their people”.


For proud card carrying members of the “progressive” Party Pravda it is perfectly fine to ignore that by his own admission their anointed, almost god-like hero engaged in criminal activity on multiple occasions, but when their target who does not smoke or drink makes one speech and hands out drinks at a juice stand it is “newsworthy” because the stand’s owner once committed a crime for which he has long since made restitution.

A “progressive” can smoke pot, sniff cocaine, whatever they want, admit to it…and never be brought to task or to justice by Pravda.  A Conservative is peripherally associated with someone who paid for their mistake and it is elevated to the level of high crime.

Keep an eye on the horizon for indications that Fischer or AP and Yahoo employees are Mike Vick fans.