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Obama on Campaign: I’ve Tried to be Bipartisan

At an Ohio campaign stop on Thursday, President Obama spoke to local media and did what he does best- shifted the blame. He told a WLTW reporter that he thinks most people would agree he’s tried to be bipartisan, it’s the Republicans who won’t play along.

Really Mr. President? Is it bipartison to allow your party leaders to name call? Joe Biden calling the Tea Partiers terrorists, Maxine Waters saying the Tea Party could go straight to Hell, and she’d help them get there- that’s being bipartisan?

After three years without a budget, isit bipartisan to fear-monger about the most serious Republican proposal and say it would cause inaccurate weather predictions?

Mr. President, the bipartisanship is two parties working together and compromising to meet an end where both can find something to be happy with.

Bipartisanship is not proposing radical ideas and calling anyone who disagrees with you a terrorist or an ideologue. Bipartisanship is not refusing to even consider the ideas put forth by leaders across the political aisle. Bipartisanship is not using executive privilege to mandate a policy you can’t pass through legislation. And most of all, bipartisanship is not using the office of the presidency to try to shame or heckle opponents into voting in your favor. None of these are the actions of a bipartisan president. These, your actions, are the actions of a petulant child, who can’t countenance not getting his way.

And as for common sense ideas, Mr. President-

Common sense ideas like health care ‘reform’ that results in the largest tax increase in American history, inordinately affecting the middle class? Common sense ideas like spending at a rate  a trillion dollars above  federal income and nearly tripling the inherited deficit? Common sense ideas like multi-billion dollar stimulus packages, that years later still leave the unemployment rate hovering around 8%?

Do you really think these sound like common sense ideas to the American citizen trying to live within a budget? To the citizen who has been struggling to find work? To the citizen who has had to make cuts in their spending in order to feed their family?

The American people are not stupid, Mr. President. They know the difference between common sense and power-mad. And they are tired of the same old excuses. It’s the Republicans fault is it? You’ve been using that excuse since the day you stepped into office, and your party has been in control that entire time. Maybe it’s time for you to stop blaming others, and put some of those common sense ideas into action.