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Pre-debate campaign ad: Truth

American Crossroads released a pre-debate campaign video highlighting some of Obama’s biggest and most-consistent mis-truths. We’ll probably see many of these used in tonight’s debate.

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New American Crossroads Political Ad: Words

Today, American Crossroads released an ad featuring the promises of candidate Obama with a direct contrast to his ability to deliver. Will anyone believe his newest set of campaign promises in light of his history?

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“Build” Video: Small business owners response to Obama’s anti-business speech

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today launched a new web video featuring the reactions of small business owners to President Obama’s speech where he told business owners “you didn’t build that” – and that other people were responsible for the success of their enterprises. The video, entitled “Build,” shows small business owners watching the Obama speech on an iPad, then captures ...

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New Video on Obama: “Fear” #hopechanged

Today, American Crossroads releases a new video, “Fear” – featuring cameos from Andrea Mitchell, Arianna Huffington, Ed Rendell, Cory Booker, and David Brooks.

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Celebrity President

American Crossroads has come out with a a new ad, for which they ask the question: After four years of a celebrity president, is your life any better?

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