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Should Candy Crowley be penalized for Presidential Debate Misconduct

With the continuing furor erupting concerning the highly partisan nature displayed by Candy Crowley during the second presidential debate the real question has evaded the American voter. Who is truly responsible for acts of journalistic misconduct and what should be done when a debate moderator decides to go rogue, as Crowley did in favoring Obama? The Commission on Presidential Debates ...

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Will truth of Benghazi Murders determine battleground states election choice

Obama’s election firewall is melting like a house of wax all over America.  States like Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin where President Obama’s election machines had once appeared impregnable are now crumbling.  What is even more telling is that Ohio, the battleground of all battleground states is now fast becoming Obama’s possible Waterloo. According to many recent national polls, ...

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