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Trump and Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner


At the annual Al Smith dinner Thursday night in New York City, we saw Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton giving talks at the event, and although both presidential candidates shot zingers at each other, Trump launched the heaviest and most piercing, humorous jabs, which hit Hillary and her dishonesty hard, while most of her comments at Trump’s expense fell short ...

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Hillary’s Campaign Should Be Listed On The Terrorist Watch List


Now I know why the Hillary presidential campaign reminds me so much of my youth in the 1960s and 1970s. It was the revolutionary and murderous Weather Underground and the various environmental terrorist groups that were doing such nasty work that remind me of Hillary Clinton and her campaign: blowing up the offices of groups that they disagreed with, yelling ...

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To Say That Hillary Has Been Destroyed Is An Understatement, But…


With the massive number of WikiLeaks dumps that have occurred, not only should the Hillary Clinton election campaign have been plowed under by now by the explosive exposure of lying and criminal activity, but the Obama administration should also been destroyed. But what’s happened to Hillary and Obama to this point?  Nothing! She’s run an organization similar to the ultra-radical ...

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Time For Resurgence of the Tea Party Movement


Seven years ago a wave of discontent washed across the fruited plains of America, disgusted with the direction the country was headed. Now, approaching the 2016 election, there is little sign that the Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement ever existed. But if ever there was a time that it needed to be resuscitated, it is now, on the eve ...

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Is Hillary Really A Nasty Woman?

Hillary Clinton shrug

Those of you who watched the finale debate between Hillary and Trump heard Mr. Trump call Hillary a nasty woman; as usual the Liberal press pounced. Also as usual Mr. Trump was correct with his statement. People that know her best have said time and time again that she is not a nice person; as a matter of fact she ...

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If 2016 is a choice between the worst options, the people bear some responsibility


A mere four years ago, pundits were bemoaning the death of the Lincoln-Douglas style debate. In an election cycle defined by quips about “binders full of women” and where the most serious dismantling of ideology involved repeatedly calling it “malarkey,” the staid deliberation of 19th century campaigning seemed the height of rhetorical finesse. If the clamoring for such gravitas seems ...

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Final Debate: Wallace Wins, Hillary does career politician thing, Trump speaks to America


The final presidential debate of the 2016 election has completed and Trump did well while Hillary did only mild harm to her campaign. First, I want to compliment Chris Wallace for being the prime example for political debate moderators everywhere. He interrupted only to keep time, never debated the candidates and let them speak freely. Both candidates could have done better, ...

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Target “Solution” Adds Uncertainty to Bathroom Etiquette


There’s an interesting controversy contrast between two of America’s leading retailers. Walmart controversies typically occur out in the parking lot and are signaled by raised voices or the occasional gunshot. Walmart executive involvement is normally limited to calling 9–1–1. Target controversies take place inside and are kicked off when an ever–vigilant socialist media commissar spots a political correctness violation. Target ...

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Maybe, it’s time for a tougher Republican.


Independents and conservatives have cast their fate with Republicans for a lack of choice, not tacit agreement and now Project Veritas and WikiLeaks have demonstrated that the Grand Ole Party isn’t really ready to fight for America .. at all. Trump’s rise isn’t about republican supporters or alt-right or whatever other false narratives the media is spouting. The massive rallies ...

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Is Trump A Danger Or Is He The Solution?


Liberals are in a complete, self-righteous huff complaining about Donald Trump’s statement that the election is rigged. They say, among other things, that his words are dangerous to our entire system of elections and voting. I agree that his words have danger in them, but Democrats are the ones who are at risk from his words, considering the WikiLeaks dump ...

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The Democrats’ Mixed, Confusing, Duplicitous, Lying Messages


New York State, a very liberal, Democrat-controlled state, has had a television ad running for some time bragging about the tax breaks they are giving companies that expand in, or establish themselves in, their state. In the ads they describe how valuable lower taxes are for businesses and how many jobs result from the lower taxes, and they brag about ...

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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


Is Islam a religion of peace? Is it compatible with Western liberalism? Or does Islam need a reformation, just as Christianity had the Protestant Reformation? Somali-born author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains.

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Press Pool Or A Cesspool? It’s Hard To Tell.


The main support group for Hillary Clinton, the partisan, liberal press, the very same people whose profession has constitutional protection that they insist on utilizing to the full, are the same people who want to deny constitutional rights to gun owners, religious freedom to Catholics and free speech via TV and radio programs to conservative Americans. And aside from the ...

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1933 All Over Again?


The things that are happening in America under the Obama administration must have been the experiences of the citizens of the Weimar Republic when the Nazis took over Germany prior to WWII. Some similarities: The press subserviently pushing the party line. Threatening to halt opposition opinion (shut down talk radio and block conservative internet). Government illegally giving their political allies ...

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