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The Democrat Convention;Not Very Democratic!!

dem convention

The Democratic convention in Philadelphia got off to a rocky start between dissention,chaos and collusion Monday night.  Dissention because of all he Bernie Sanders supporters and collusion revealed in the hacked e-mails between the media, various groups opposing Sanders and  the DNC all out to get Sanders. The entire night’s speeches were typical liberal in that they were all emotional ...

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It’s Black, White, and Blue!


The last few weeks have been a tough one for law enforcement officials and now they are on high alert ALL across the country. The last thing we need is the men and women that protect us… all of us, no matter what color, what size, what religion, what dress, or what sexual orientation we are. When it comes to ...

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Shepherd Smith What an A-Hole

Like most people on Sunday I was watching the terrible news about the 3 police officers killed in Baton Rouge. I was watching Fox news as I usually do, but what I heard out of Shepherd Smith mouth made my jaw drop. He was interviewing former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal when the former Gov. said that all lives matter, Smith actually ...

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This Diversity Thing Is Going To Far

I am not a fan of the government forcing its people to do anything, which is one of the big reasons I have been against Obama-care. The thought that the government can force you to buy a product or get fined angers me to this day. Now I find another thing to anger me. A private school in New York ...

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Obama Disproves The Notion That Things Can’t Get Any Worse


The devious, anti-America schemes of the Obama administration have tentacles working undercover into every area of government and American society, undermining our lives, our nation and our homes, in keeping with Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”. Things in American life have only gotten incredibly worse under Obama’s rule, and this downward trend will continue long after Obama leaves office ...

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Obama’s Thinking Is Clouded By Prejudice


Barack Obama sees racism when a police officer, whether black or white, acting in the line of duty, tragically shoots and kills a black suspect, and he reaches this conclusion long before there is any investigation into the actual facts of the event, but he claims he can’t determine the reason for a black man’s expressed, racist, hate-filled desire to ...

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Obama Is The Last Person To Turn To For Healing And Peace


Let’s first review only Obama’s timeliness in judging his accuracy and wisdom when making statements about events important to our lives: First, he called ISIS a “JV” team just prior to its becoming a major international killing force threatening the world. Second, he declared that he had “contained” ISIS the day before the November 13, 2015, attack on Paris, and ...

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Obama’s Idiotic Logic Bites Him In The Butt

Obama Malignant Narcissism

Recall if you will for a moment, President Obama repeatedly lecturing Americans that calling ISIS terrorists “Radical Islamic Terrorists” would offend Muslims and would cause them to become recruits to the murderous ISIS forces, while at the same time we heard our president repeatedly brag about his personal bravery and leadership in giving the order to kill Osama Bin Laden. ...

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2016: A Spaced-out Political Oddity

Obama Malignant Narcissism

The Movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” was on TV recently and it was noticeable in this odd political season of 2016, the close relationship between what the two humans on the space craft experienced compared with what HAL, the computer interface system, was telling them about what they saw and heard taking place during their voyage, and how these events ...

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Hillary Clinton: Queen of Mean!!!

Hillary for prison

                             Hotel Heiress Leona Helmsley used to be called the Queen of Mean because of the way she treated her employees. Now that Leona has passed on I think we should crown Hillary as the new unquestionable Queen of Mean. Ever since Bill Clinton was president I ...

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Brexit – A Portent for the EU and Possibly for America


Bigger is rarely better. Especially when it comes to governance. The “bigger” government is, the more detached from the governed it becomes; the more onerous its regulations and taxes become, and it becomes more susceptible to the ideologically motivated cause célèbre of the ruling elite. We have seen that verity over the past several years in America, and apparently the ...

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Why Do We Assume That Evolution Advances Toward Human-Kind?

budweiser America cans

It’s long been assumed that evolution caused monkeys and apes to have evolved into humans. Evolution is religiously believed mainly by the anti-religious left. And especially in the evolution of lesser species to more advanced species, the left has always believed that the evolution was from monkeys to humans and not the other way around. But what if evolution is ...

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