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Delay & Derail – From Syria to Benghazi to…Al Sharpton?

What a mess! As President Befuddle delivers a muddle and Russia’s Putin is wagging the dog. Plus, the Benghazi bungle gets Congressman Wolf howling and gun-grabbing Dem lawmakers get fired! Norvell Rose reports in today’s LNTV.

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BARACK OBAMA – “The Red Line I Didn’t Say”

In a stunning about-face that could cause eyes to roll and heads to spin, President Obama now says he did not set the “red line” regarding chemical weapons use in the Syrian civil war. Yet, numerous times over the past year…well, just see for yourself all the startling contradictions in this little parody we call “The Red Line I Didn’t ...

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Can Team Obama Spin to Win the Syria Gamble?

LibertyNEWS TV analyst Norvell Rose tackles that intriguing question with an answer that may surprise you. And that’s not all you’ll see in Norvell’s LNTV report.

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