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A Conservative View on Non-Conforming Sexuality: Part I

The Misconception of Intolerance

Conservatives have been mistakenly branded intolerant of LGBTQ’s (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer). This is a notion that is far from the truth. Conservatives are not intolerant. We are steadfast in Bible based, natural order, beliefs. The writings of the Bible suggest that it is un-natural and an unacceptable practice to lay with the same sex or dress as the alternate sex. Now, I’m not religious (yes, non-religious Conservatives exist), but I do believe in the Bible and God. I as a Conservative subscribe to the notion that there is a natural order and that the lifestyles of LGBTQ’s go against that order. Now, that being said, it’s none of my business what lifestyle a person chooses to live nor is it anyone elses business what lifestyle I choose to live. I welcome anyone into my circle who shares the same societal values and political views; I’m not concerned with whom they share their bed. I’m not the one to judge, that’s God’s job and who’s to say he thinks I’m doing a good job with my life. I may be at the top of his judgement list.

As for the political aspects, the only issues we as Conservative have with “Gay Rights” (in my opinion) are terminology, politically correct policy (as oppose to majority rule policy) and abuse of policy. Right to marriage is all about terminology. “Marriage” is a sacred oath between a man and woman, as per the Bible verses. A government sanctioned “Civil Union” isn’t in itself a problem. The problem is the abuse of policy. Once the government puts generic/general policy in place to appease a group of people who can’t be narrowed to gender or ethnicity, the lines become very grey and too many people pounce on the opportunity to take advantage. Let’s take into consideration, welfare. Welfare began in the 1930’s with ever so noble intentions. The Great Depression put millions out of work and there grew a desperate cry for assistance. President (FDR) Roosevelt responded with Social Security and Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). Unfortunately, the original intent of these programs has been lost in a web of legislation which just muddles the system, it’s original intent and allows abuse of the system to run rampant. It’s a knee jerk reaction to an economic problem, run amuck! The system is totally out of control and wrought with abuse.

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