Is the VA effective in helping our Vets?

Retired Gunnery Sargent Jessie Jane Duff in to discuss, Joe take on “Emosexuals” really?

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  • No one is asking ‘hard questions’ for fear that it might actually be answered ‘truthfully’ ….and that would require action & commitment.

    I*, too, choke up & my eyes tear as I am filled with a pride as a color guard passes with OUR FLAG. I stand just a little taller as I think of all it represents….part of that would be PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY…. NOT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS…..

    Our heroes deserve ‘all we can give’….they did…WE THE PEOPLE must stand & demand that the VA (all departments) be run separate from big government and like big business from the CEO down. It needs a deep house cleaning and NEW, VETTED BY CONGRESS leadership that, although must answer to a qualified over site panel actually can hire, fire & direct on a need bases. That would include the ‘outside doctors (which is authority not used but is now already in place

    Where would we be without these brave men & women? I thank each & everyone and their families.