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CPAC Day One Part 2

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  1. Perhaps Rubio is a Diamond in the rough – we all hope so. I don’t toss him out with the bath water but hope he will grow up and find his way. Like everyone else who keeps the faith I am still searing with the amnesty debacle in the Senate.

    My comments on amnesty are very simple – obey the LAW! This world is HARSH! Not everything is fair. Some of us were born here. Some of us were not. Nor am I rich! Tough!! Suck it up and do what is right. If you break the law and invade our country you need to pay the consequences! Same principles that have been a part of this Planet for eons!

    As to Christie, I regret that I could not attend CPAC if for no other reason than to hisss and booo at that fat-tard! NeoCon! I WILL NOT vote for him – any more than I would vote for Hillary! Period!!

    Jan. I don’t hear enough about Perry. I am dubious of both Perry and Jeb Bush. We go back and forth between Republican and Democrat presidents and even though we want conservative values it seems like we keep going down the wrong path regardless of WHO is in office! It is like we walk taking each step one at a time first the “right” foot; then the “left” foot! Right left right left – right down the path to Global slavery!

    We need to STOP electing NeoCons who “say” all right things but continue doing all the LEFT things!!!


    • As Ann Coulter pointed out Saturday the GOP establishment is preparing to sell out the base on amnesty. They are in thrall to bad political science and corporate money.

      And even it they don’t approve amnesty, LEGAL immigration is changing the character of the nation because it’s too high.

  2. Miserable WiFi at CPAC meant no ability to file as it happened. I plan to get to Gov. Perry over the weekend.

    It’s a mystery to me why CPAC organizers tolerate substandard service from Gaylord. It’s not the government, try the competition!

    Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Can’t belive you resisted a comment on Perry’s “new nerd” look. We’ve (Texans) have been curious why he was going to California so often…Acting lessons? He has been a good Governor, but that doesn’t necessarily have to equate to a Nation’s leader.

    Most seem to rather blah and much as expected with little ‘new’. I agree with your opinion of Rubio. I think he’s still trying to ‘find’ himself. He has previously sided with Amnesty.

    My BIG disappointment from the last ‘go around’ is that immediately after the primary indicated that the majority of voters selected Romney….they ALL disappeared….Perhaps egos took precedence over “service” to Country ???? We see what that got us!! Let’s HOPE that CHANGES !!!!

    Really appreciate you’re taking time to share your information….I must say I’m a bit envious that you get to ‘be there’.