Americans may reject full-time jobs thanks to Obamacare

By | February 5, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported Tuesday that many middle-class Americans with full-time jobs may decide to go part-time now that, instead of their employer,  the American taxpayer is funding their health insurance.

The Obamacare exchanges offer healthcare outside of the workplace with subsidies paid for by the middle and upper income earners in America. Those in the lower-income brackets have no reason to keep working full-time when President Obama’s plan would let them work half as much for an equal benefit.

As employers are forced to quit offering workplace insurance due to Obamacare’s rapidly increasing costs, security issues and faulty implementation, employees are left wondering, “why work 40 hours for pay and have a portion of my premiums given to the health insurance when I could just get insurance for free from Obamacare and get the same pay without the insurance premiums coming out of my check?”

That makes Obamacare one more expansion of the welfare state that the President denied was happening in his pre-Superbowl interview – and this one is ALL HIS.

For middle class, two-earner, hard-working families it’s complicated to understand where all their money is going. Income taxes are eating up the grocery money. Sales taxes are eating up the kids clothing and school supplies money. Property taxes are eating up the home repair money. Obamacare taxes (so says the Supreme Court) are eating up the healthcare dollars.

When a family has all those burdens upon them from the government, how much time could a parent possibly have to raise their children or manage a household? Not much – ask middle-income household leaders these days.

Obamacare had a noble cause – health care for everyone.  Unfortunately it turned into the same mess every government program does – money from the people to make the elitists in Washington even richer than they already are.

You know, while the liberals decry the 1% – they fail to ask for the same revolution against those  who steal DIRECTLY from the working folks – the elites in Washington:

– Raised taxes

– Implemented Obamacare

– Spent money on failed unicorn-like energy dreams (billions)

– won’t bring up current foreign policy

– and much much more

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One thought on “Americans may reject full-time jobs thanks to Obamacare

  1. Jan Brown

    As we, the ‘middle-class’ continue to ‘suck it up’ there is one thing we know…We are the casualties of a weapon of mass destruction at the hands of a man that mounted the throne under the guise of hope & change. He is not only America’s first black president, but as the first “Indonesian to attend college as a “foreign exchange student’ (according to Columbia’s published application ) As we’re cutting corners, let’s find the shears to cut this ‘power line’ & short out his administration.
    Shun your ego demands in 2014 and elevate your Country…

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