Syrian Propaganda Exposed, Angering Photographer

By | January 17, 2014

Have you seen this photograph of a young Syrian child sleeping between his parents graves? It is sad, no matter who the child is or what country he is from.


But what if the photograph is not real?

As it turns out… it is nothing but Propaganda, staged to undoubtedly pull at your heartstrings! This photograph was taken just moments before the one posted above:


Needless to say, the Saudi photographer who took the photographs is “ticked off” that his “artwork” has been exposed, claiming it’s just “not fair” and is being “taken out of context”!

The bottom line: You should be skeptical of much of the news coming out of Syria. Both Assad and the rebels have elaborate propaganda operations, though the state’s far outstrips the opposition operations. Both sides have a vested interest in tricking you into believing their version of events.

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Image credit (all images): Abdul Aziz al-Otaibi via Imgur


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