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Media Bias On Display with Chris Christie Coverage

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AP award winning columnist Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, Idaho, and is a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Political Science and History and former member of the Idaho State Journal Editorial Board. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. The provocative, salacious, with hints of conspiracy are sizzle….and sizzle sells ! And can hide the truth….While, as Jim said in his post, Distract from other issues…while often cast negative shadows over bright lights.

    Christie has accepted responsibility for his staff’s actions…that, alone, is refreshing in politics ..additionally, he ‘acted’ to correct & punish…Then he did the absolute unheard of…he answered the media questions to the point they were running out of anything to ask. I figured he was on the verge of ‘giving them’ the questions. When was the last time that happened in the (current) administration?

    Parents can raise their children in a very close family atmosphere teaching strong moral values. They are involved with their activities….yet, more than one has ‘strayed’ & shop lifted or tried drugs…And difficult as it to admit, if they don’t take responsibility and take steps to see it doesn’t happen again…it will…

    I’m not super sold on Christie as a President, but I admire (most) of his style…He’s so far above what is presently in ‘the’ office, it causes a nosebleed. No question in my or most minds I’d rather have this man than (what) is now ‘bullying’ the Americans with self serving mandates

  2. I am completely in agreement with both you and Jim Clayton in the sense that the Mainstream Media and the Leftist Communist in control of our government are collaborating to manipulate the masses. I have no doubt that your assessment of revenge and slander is at the heart of this news blitz!

    At its heart this ploy demonstrated the utter contempt the MsM has for the American People. There is no doubt that many of our citizens are Lost Brains who can do no better than to swallow their lies. But this is an opportunity! You and Jim are both on the right track. Pointing out the disparaging performance of the MsM and how the Leftist Communists (Socialist Democrats) operate will not return void to those who truly desire the truth! Which I believe is the majority of the American people – we are not as stupid as they assume!!

    Making a big deal out of their outlandish BIAS can turn this around into one more major blow against their Empire. They throw stone from their glass fortress!

    Christie, what ever his political stance, has demonstrated proper protocol and leadership. The Republican Party HAS NOT! That does NOT mean that I am a supporter – there are any number of good Grassroots Conservatives out there that would have done AT LEAST the same. We taut his performance in this situation because he happens to be the man on point – and this could actually catapult his political goals into a more solid lead (and I believe he knows this).

    The MsM is what it is. We cannot change that (we do not have the money nor the backing of the likes of Globalists like the Council on Foreign Relations, who’s members own EVERY major media outlet (including FOX)). Our responsibly is to counter their onslaught of lies with the truth. We have never been relieved of the responsibility to seek and know the truth and we are in this situation today BECAUSE we have not kept that responsibility. They will be liars until we TURN THEM OFF and defeat them with the Truth.

    Thanks to both you and Jim for great insight into this matter. You speak the truth!

  3. You and I agree Richard. My article is right above yours. I’m from N.J. and have met Christie in person. Any rush hour in the morning or night at the GW bridge is just as bad if not worse than was reported. The media is so intent on having Hillary in power that they will destroy anyone who opposes her. Christie was ahead of Hillary in the polls and Gates’ book came out blasting Obama and Hillary so they attacked Christie. Christie won 70% of the vote over Bono’s 30% so this is their revenge.