What My New Year’s Resolutions Mean!

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  • QUICK !! Where do I get an application? I am a “Resolution Dropout” with sprinkles of guilt for not taking part in tradition. YOU make it possible for me to honor age old practices….

    The GOP might do well to take these in as well, with particular attention to #3 !! Established Republicans & newcomers such as Libertarians, Tea Party & other ‘patriotic’ groups had best learn that we ALL are in one way of the other CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS working for the same goal…SAVING OUR NATION from Socialism.
    If anyone’s personal ego is convinced that they & only their little group have the ONLY answer, with no room to consider other options, the Republican Party while admittedly in need of some work, probably isn’t for you. “The family that prays together, stays together”…same principal in politics…hey! just listen to the libs all say the same message of the day!