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  • Joe — you are SO right on the money. The Westboro Baptist church loons, from what I hear, is mostly comprised of family and close friends who drink Phelps’ koolaid of HATRED.

    Birds of a feather, flock together!

  • Boy, Joe, you sure hit the nail on the head with this one! Christianity, of course, has been under fire & attacked since it’s inception. And, I suppose this ‘group’ is another arrow in Satan’s quiver. As for Phelps, I have wondered ‘what’ & ‘where’ he comes from. Does he see himself as a mini David Kerashe or perhaps Warren Jeffers desperate for adulation. Then again, he could be an Elmer Gantry that packs up his tent show & goes where the ‘pickings are better” & vulnerable recruits are easy access ????

    Whatever Phelps’s motivation , I feel pity mixed with repulsion that he is so blind when His Grace is so close that all Phelps has to do is ‘ask for it’

    Paul Walker’s celebrity status certainly shines a light on them that a mere American Military Hero’s funeral can’t…

    Thanks for not letting this get lost in the evils swirling around