Obama Sends Presidential Delegation to Celebrate With Kenya

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  • After all but proclaiming himself as a Mandela-like world leader & ascending the throne, it should come as no surprise that the American taxpayer would foot the bill for him to trace his roots while finding an appropriate site to build his castle (again, paid for by the American taxpayer)

    Also, it is apparent that I must have been napping with Rip Van Winkle as I missed the part that showed the reason/purpose this ‘delegation’ is needed. Additionally, I missed the part that explains just what it is that Kenya contributes to our well being as a nation. The only thing I can see we’ve gotten from them,is a questionably eligible president & another rabbit hole to shove (American taxpayer) financial aide down to the select few at the top of the Kenyan pecking pole.

    It’s another ‘nose-holder’ …cause sumpin’ sure smells fishy…..