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Illinois Senate Passes Redefinition of Marriage Bill

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One comment

  1. Legislator to Constituent: “We are preparing to outlaw G-d & His law”

    Constituent: WHY?! Aren’t you a Christian?

    Legislator: “Of course I am, but this one man/one woman thing is offensive to some”

    Constituent: Then you are NO Christian…what’s next? Chocolate????…..Better not get too comfy in that chair because Christians Soldiers have marched into war & you’re on the battle field.

    Action like this is on the rise and will be our fall, just as in empires before. If an enemy can demoralize and shake the faith, he can conquer.

    2014 offer is yet another opportunity to start righting the wrongs. Ask candidates very ‘specific’ questions & push for equally specific answers. In prayer for our nation.