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Obama is determined to pass Immigration Reform this year

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    • Hmmmm… Jan, I am not sure why the programming did not allow your comment just to post. I know there are updates and such that are going on, so … maybe one of Obamacare’s “glitches” snagged you! lol I apologize for that! I have put the comment through. I did not realize it had not posted. I saw it come through on email, and assumed it had posted to the site. Again, I apologize for the oversight. You are one of my most avid commenters… I can’t have you upset with me! 😉

      • You’re just too too good to get upset with!! (well almost) This is such a huge & vital issue and you seem to be about the only one to address it. I donot understand why it doesn’t get more print. Congress has more paid holidays between now & 2014 & if w’re not careful…Katie Bar the door !!! Welfare cost will sink our boat…I appreciate your attention and your follow up.

  2. To grant any kind of Amnesty without SECURE Borders & ENFORCEMENT of Laws is like expecting a sieve to hold water….it’s a true fools errand.

    We here about the guy that ‘just wants to work’ that has entered illegally. (civil offense) then fraud through use of a stolen Social Security number (felony-federal )using a Fraudulent driver’s licence or one obtained with a false ID (felony)Using fraudulent ID to obtain any social services (federal-felony)…..These are all punishable by fine and/or up to 5 years in prison…This is just a start on laws broken by these ‘innocent’ criminal trespassers……Honestly, who thinks they’ll come out in the open & declare themselves ‘guilty?…Either way….OUR TAXES PAY FOR IT !!! Center for Immigration Studies http://cis.org/myth-law-abiding-illegal-alien or http://www.texasbordervolunteers.org . Az Border Defenders are other references & a more complete listing of broken laws & events.

    This doesn’t start the ones bringing drugs & violence to every state in our union. Each day there is an average of 150 VIOLENT crimes committed against a legal citizen (ref F.A.I.R.)