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Eastbound and Down: Truckers Roll Into DC

If you want to see American Pride at its best, take a peek into the heart of some of the finest patriots who have had enough as the Truckers roll into DC this weekend!

We will keep this post updated with photos from the event as they are shared through Social Media.

Truckers Ride For The Constitution

** Update: October 11, 2013- “Sources” from the “Media” are reporting this event as a bust. We are posting pictures that are being submitted. There are those calling these pictures fake. If you are participating, and have video or pictures that you want posted, please let us know. We would also love to do an interview with you. **


Headed to DC from North Carolina:

NC truckers in their way to DC shared by John Millett

NC truckers in their way to DC shared by John Millett

Trucks parked in support! Salida, Colorado….Walmart parking lot.

Trucks parked in support! Salida, Colorado....Walmart parking lot.

Image via Tracey Watson

Image via Jeanette Burks

Image via Jesus Alaniz

I70 East Bound Washington County, PA #T2SDA Rally

Roll on. This truck is shut down this weekend to support my fellow truckers. Wish I was there.

The front of the convoy just past Georgia Avenue.

the front of the convoy just past Georgia Avenue.

Image via Richard Gross

At I95 Quantico, VA- So this is just a rumor huh?

So this is just a rumor huh?

Image via Laurie Bowie

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  1. Joy says:

    I will have to make a sign supporting the trucker’s “Ride for the Constitution” for my F150 truck!

  2. FtwPhil says:

    1. Impeach
    2. Defund ACA
    3. Do not re-elect “reps” who can not achieve 1&2
    4. Repeat

    We have been hijacked by criminal enterprise! No more get along to go along in DC.