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Obama: In Way Over His Head

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  1. This is why we need to stay out of this. I’ve heard comments on “why it is necessary to go in” and here is the rebuttal

    “We need to stabilize the Middle East.” Any argument of what we need to
    stabilize falls on deaf ears. The invasion of Iraq was supposed to
    stabilize the Middle East. That worked out well, didn’t it? The Middle
    East is completely falling apart. These are a tribal people living about
    two thousand years behind the times. We aren’t going to stabilize
    anything. This is not Eastern Europe. It’s Islam.

    2) “But they may have WMDs and terrorist havens that will be used against us including nuclear capability”

    Valid point. Here are the countries that fall in that catagory. Saudi
    Arabia, Iraq, Iran, North Africa, Libya and anywhere else the words Arab
    Muslim are used with population including places in the United States.
    Maybe we should invade all of them? While we let our own borders stay

    How about removing all political correctness in the
    FBI/CIA/NSA and recreate the most vicious special ops guys on earth and
    go after specifics with no mercy–continuously. Maybe take a lesson or
    two from Israel instead of chastising them.

    3) “But
    innocent people were killed.” Since when do we really care. That is knee
    jerk propaganda to gain support. If we were concerned about that we
    would have invaded Darfur and Rwanda. And many other places. We don’t.

    neither have the financial resources to continue to police the world
    and solve tribal mentality problems. Secure our border, quit outsourcing
    so we are independent in manufacturing, become energy independent and
    viciously target and strike at those who are actual threats to us now or
    who are planning to be in the future.

    Charles Hurst. Conservative author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon.