Constitution Week: It’s Never Been More Needed!

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  • I ‘hope’ this post registers as am having difficulty getting my post ‘to stick’.
    Rick, you’re really on target with this & sadly it’s so true. Last year in Constitution Week I visited with a young HS student as he carried out my groceries. I was amazed that he had not a clue ‘what’ the constitution was except that ‘it was something someone wrote when America started …..I kid you not!!!! I carry several copies of the Pocket size Constitutions with me & gave him one. The following trip, he told me it ‘was interesting & he hadn’t heard of most of it before” We’ve had several conversations over the year & he has asked for extra copies for friends….Now I make it a point of ‘teaching’ when opportunity arises & praying for a domino effect….

    • Jan, thank you for your thoughtful (as always!) response. What a powerful example you provide for healing our malady of constitutional illiteracy! How pathetic it is that someone can go through 12 years of public school and not read, or know what is in, the Constitution!

      You’ve inspired me. I’m going to start carrying copies as well.