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2 thoughts on “Why the Immigration Bill Will Fail

  1. Chad

    If all men being equal is not a part of Natural Law, can you name for me one aspect of Natural Law that does apply to government?

  2. Derrell Poole

    I’m sorry. Natural law does not say all men are created equal. The current version of civilized law – man’s law – in this and several other countries (but not all of them!) says all men are created equal. Uh-huh… I would dare say most of us, unconsciously at least, do not really believe that either. More accurately to our current cultural sensibility all men are of equal value with equal rights – so long as they are actually human (anything unborn notwithstanding…)!

    But Chad’s point is very true if you place it instead against Human Nature. The Progressive left very much wants to dispel the idea that Human Nature is a constant and subject to a continual redefinition. This idea is definitely on par with Chad’s gravity example. No matter how hard the proggies try to force us into a Collective Utopia Human Nature is gonna land them flat on their faces! At great, great cost I fear.

    So if the immigration bill becomes law it will place the government in the position of rewarding the Law Breakers and punishing its Citizens. Oh yeah, human nature is gonna be okay with that. We’ll see how well that works out for them I guess. BTW in 427AD, iirc, the Western Empire fell when Illegal Immigrants invaded Rome. Or did we forget all of that?

    My two Senators voted for this bill in the name of Bi-partisanship – of all things! Yeah! That’s what we want! We want something – anything – just as long as the Demmies and the Rups cross the isle and get along! Oh, they are very proud of themselves – the fools. They didn’t vote for the bill. They voted for the Talking Points of the bill. You know, the layman’s explanation of the bill where all of the lies that get Senators to vote for such things come out! They have no idea what is in the bill and how all of the promises they think they are voting for are loop-holed out of existance. It’s 1986 all over again!

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