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One thought on “The “if we disarm ourselves, others will be nice and follow suit” myth

  1. jan brown

    You get it!!! It’ll be easy to tell which ones we are at he gun fight….we’ll have the knives…of course the base closings of the Clinton era didn’t add to our defense either. Until ‘we the people’ toss off our Pollyanna aprons & realize that the “Golden Rule” doesn’t require being a door mat, we’re likely to continue this down hill slide with increasing speed. Perhaps it’s because most of us have only experienced ‘the greatness’ of our Country that we cannot start to imagine anything less….even though almost daily we witness other countries in turmoil we cling to “It can’t happen to us” attitudes…..I do not begin to have the knowledge & understanding of our military that some of you do….but I do know that if you keep removing the brick from the base..the tower WILL FALL..& we’ll be under a pile of scraps….Thanks, again, for the information

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