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Obama On Trayvon Could Have been Me

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One comment

  1. Why hasn’t Eric holder stepped down? Why hasn’t Obie stepped down. Lord knows they’ve been caught in enough lies and scandals. If they were Richard Nixon they would have quit a long time ago. Do they not see a gathering against them?

    I think they do and I think they are scared to death. But they are gambling that the “big event” will happen before they are thrown out. You know; the trigger (Civil War, Race War, economic collapse – geez wasn’t N. Korea almost IT?) that will give Obie the excuse to suspend Congress, Habeas Corpus and declare Marshal Law. You know that’s been the plan all along. I sure feel like my buttons are being pushed. Aren’t your buttons being pushed? They are pushing buttons hoping something will happen. Every little event becomes a crisis. Every trumped up headline is a reason to stir the pot. And they are ready for it!

    This man isn’t interested in being the President. This man is interested in “Fundamentally Changing the United States of America”! With him at the head – for life!

    It’s a desperate bid….