American Accountability

By | July 10, 2013

Accountability:  The phrase we point at our failing President to spotlight his inability to hold people, including himself, responsible for their actions.

Traditionally, Americans have been a highly accountable people:

– We have expected family heads to be providers – and good ones

– We have expected children to get good grades and accomplish something

– We have expected Americans to succeed

Now, we have leadership that expects Americans to struggle.

The Federal government creates programs for struggling moms, struggle young workers, struggling farmers, struggling union workers, struggling minorities, struggling .. whatever….   The real question should be – why are all these people struggling? – Failed government policy, failing fed policy and terrible government accountability are to blame for an economy suffering more than that of the failed President Jimmy Carter.

It is time for Americans to take their country back. That means not expecting insurance to pay for sniffles and sneezes (as you don’t expect car insurance to pay for oil changes).

It means not expecting KFC, twinkies and soft drink be paid for by taxpayers.

It means that you truly should be ashamed if you have to take a single dollar from hard working Americans for more than a few months.

Wellfare, foodstamps, Obamacare – if you need it for more than 3 months – you aren’t trying hard enough – you are NOT getting it done.

If you want a job, any job, don’t impress them with your amazing corporate skills – decide that re-inventing yourself is the way to go and dig in!

Then again… there are always the government programs … until they’re aren’t.


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