What Difference Does it Make, As Long As We Don’t Insult Islam!

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  • This reminds me of a cartoon I saw recently based on the Peanuts characters. Lucy says to Linus, “Republicans are racists,sexist and homophobes.” Linus replies, “Well you support the muslims who are racists,sexists and homophobes.” Lucy says, “Well that’s their culture and we must respect that.”
    I think that’s how libs actually view things.

    • If you don’t tolerate evil, if you call evil what it is–evil, then you are considered a racist, intolerant, anything phobic, but never considered someone who stands against all that is wrong. I prefer to stand up for what is good and just and right and reject all that is evil, wrong, corrupt and inhumane. I would rather do the right thing than the popular thing and lose America.

  • You know, if and when the shooting starts, I’m dipping all my bullets in Pig’s Blood – just to be sure.

  • These Islamic TERRORISTS have planned this for decades…while WE were changing the definition of ‘complacency’ to ‘tolerance’.

    There are (2010 KHOU-TV) an excess of 130 Mosques across the USA with many many more prayer centers. Houston has 100 such centers & 20 Mosques.

    “Harmony Schools” have grown to 33 (hq in Houston) 17 are in Texas…what about your city?…These schools are funded through the “Cosmos Foundation’ & cost the taxpayer a million dollars in 2011. They ‘impo9rt’ teachers from Turkey on H1-B visas & ‘Muslims are principals…

    OUR Constitution is being shredded & Big Government is stomping the hell out of the Bill of Rights!!! WE ARE AT WAR !!!And a fight for our Christian way of life found only in this Glorious Land we call home.

    EACH & EVERY Christian must become an ‘(active’) soldier in this fight. No more just preaching to the choir, but raise your voice, your vote, keep pressure on our sorry employees we sent to DC. ATTEND CITY MEETINGS (this is where zoning is decided) Keep an eagle eye on the PTA, KNOW what is being taught.

    Satan has many arms that are ready to reach out & grab what we treasure most. Stay alert & be safe.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA…& grant us strength & courage

    • Yes, they have planned for decades, or rather centuries if we read Jefferson’s warnings that he gave after meeting with the Ambassador of Tripoli who told Jefferson Muslims would one day invade us to conquer us. But we are not paying attention, because we are more worried about being disliked than safe, free, and alive to continue.

  • If it claims mohammad as it’s prophet then it’s not worthy of being called a valid religion in the USA. Anyone that worships a child molester is not worthy of respect. they are not worthy of licking the sweat off of my bal$$. All mudslimes must be removed from the USA as their islamic beliefs are not compatible with the Constitution and Judeo/Christian beliefs that our country were founded on. Any muslime that wishes to disagree will be met with extreme prejudice, especially if in a face to face confrontation.