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2 thoughts on “The Koran, It’s Not What They Tell You

  1. Jerry T

    Fooled? None of us are fooled in the least and we all know this. Is it an act of courage to run a soldier down with his back turned. When he is maimed and can not defend himself his attackers display their skills of war. Is it an act of courage to kill a defenseless child or women existing in what is presumed a safe haven. Most people who simply want to enjoy their dailey life haveing no quams with Islam. The innocent are targets of little resistance but will assuredly bring a greater impact of retribution for the doers of such evil deeds. Because terrorists hurt those who are innocent, such acts will not equate as fear on the defenders of freedom or on the part of the survivors of these victims. It will only emerge as bitterness and anger towards cowards who will be the subject of a well deserved infliction of wrath. No, not a single one of us are fooled. Terrorists along with this tollerant Administration and all our legislators need to understand that the “Everyday American” and “our” rope of tollerance is quickly becoming a Thread. No one is fooled by the countless lies of elitists. Just keep f%^&ing with the Giant because he’s getting pissed.

  2. Jerry Peters

    Yes, I believe they have us fooled, we need to wake-up.

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