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In Honor of Those Who Serve – A Memorial Day Tribute

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  1. So many people and our government will pay their respects today come a fem days and they forget and their life goes on. So many veterans are waiting on claims and help and are not receiving nothing. If the people want to pay their respect to our veterans make calls to your senators and reps. The people working in our VA offices seem not to be in no hurry in getting claims settled. It appears that they think it is coming out of their pay checks.I talked to a veteran yesterday has been waiting 9 years this Nov and he was saying that the felling among many veterans is the people in the position to make discussions on the claims are anti military .

  2. Oh, Richard, you have captured the mood & meaning of this day completely.

    I, too, was taught reverence & gratitude as a child, but it was at 21 yrs that the full appreciation set in. It was in Valkenburg, Holland. There is a huge US cemetery from World War II. I stood in the bell tower & looked out & it literally lost my breath with the realization that each cross was a gift to me. We are such a blessed Nation. May we never forget.

    Each of you that is or has served, know that you have a place in my heart & prayers of gratitude.