Bikers Protect 9 Year-Old Tornado Victims Funeral From Westboro Protesters

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  • Good for them! Go biker club! Im so glad to see people finally telling the assholes of Westboro morons to shove off! I mean how low lifed do you have to be to sit there and disrupt a innocent 9yr olds funeral and to further pain the family and friends of the lost child- if i was that kids mom- I’d be stomping some Westboro heads into the ground…

  • First of all theyre not a Christian Bike Club, I am a member and Im Pagan. Second they do go to all the military funerals that Westboros at. and the reason you dont see the protesters is becuse thats what they do, block them out with flags so the families dont have to see the hateful signs and when they strt chanting we fire up the bikes and drown them out. :-)

    • John, THANK YOU! I know several Atheist , Pagan and even a Buddhist bikers who are in PRG and were in Moore for this ride.

  • I wish these guys would show up at every protest planned by the so called Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Keith W. Jordan

    What protest? All I see is a motorcycle parade. I can see motorcycle parades by looking up my street on a sunny day.