Union Prevents Teachers from Voting on Contract

The Strongsville Education Association (SEA) in Ohio is attempting to force their school district into binding arbitration, in part by refusing to allow the teachers to vote on the district’s “last, best offer.” SEA President Tracy Linscott has justified this move by pointing out that the teachers had overwhelmingly voted down the offer several weeks ago. However, teachers have been crossing the picket lines, and the administration is of the opinion that more teachers will do the same, perhaps leading to a majority leaving the picket lines.

The strike has been a divisive force in the community, and according to the Strongsville Patch, the union is now attempting to approach school board members individually to push the negotiations into binding arbitration. The end result has not only been teachers crossing picket lines, but also picketing in protest of the union’s “bullying”. Parents from opposing sides of the issue have joined forces, and are planning a roundtable, in the hope of at least encouraging communication between the two sides.

Tensions have been high on the picket lines, as illustrated the the video below:

The Strongsville community has an organization that was formed as a result of this strike, and their website is located at strikefacts.com. It’s currently carrying information about the proposed teacher contracts, and reports of bullying and intimidation by the striking teachers and union.

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