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There Will Always Be An America, But

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  1. There are three exits from the human body that contribute something in some way. Its a sad day for America and the American people when Washington passes a law and you find it hard to understand which exit they used to actually deside what was best for the American people.

  2. A while back I watched a movie titled Up in Smoke. I’ll always rememeber a satirecal quote from the movie staring Cheech and Chong. Mr Marin told Mr. Chong that Responsibility is a heavy Responsibility as they were anything but resposible. Now that quote is a way of life from the President on down through and including our Media. Their actions can be likened to the two goofballs staring in that movie as they send our country up in smoke.

    The liberal standard operating procedure is to tell us anything, just blow smoke up our asses in the end they won’t have a clue to what hit them. Being irresponsible is an exceptable mask for what was once called treasonous. But these are all well educated people, smart as all get out and incapable of flaws. That is the truth. They have out smarted us in may ways. You see being smart does not exempt them from deciept, lies, coruption,fraud, treachery, misinformation. Ownerous people are without honor, basic morals or a shread of human dignity. Their egos blind everyone in this epic Ponzi scheme that champions every immoral thing a normal human views as distateful and corupt. But this genda is painted with their brush and cloaked as “Right” for America.
    Yes Chris sadly you are right, America is different from forty years ago, but forty years ago the massive deciept of today would have been met with a Knuckle Sandwhich. None of these “Leaders or Social Pillars” seem to comprehend an Oath or a Vow. But they sure would understand a trip behind the barn, something my Dad showed me when my path strayed…it worked. Maybe we can paint the White House Red and put a Barn Door on it, Maybe thats what it will take to change the path we are on.