Missouri Law Enforcement Shared Gun Owners’ Private Information With Feds

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  • BIG Brother is watching, He knows where you live, work, eat, sleep & love….and where to find you 24/7…This may sound like a mystery novel written about Moscow…A “National Registary” of anything can turn it into a reality & replace our Constitution with a totally socialistic doctrine.

    We wouldn’t hand a loaded gun to a known killer. By handing over our freedoms to Big Government, we are killing our lives as Americans…. “The Devil is in the Detail”…pay very close attention…knowing the demographics is a key element in directing ‘any action’ to be more effective… I’d bet you don’t tell your Mother, Husband or Wife “everything” so why should Big Brother know where to stomp his boot……
    We must pay attention, learn to separate fact from rumor, stand up, speak up if we are too remain the Greatest Nation in the world….& it takes us ALL.