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Amnesty Supporter: ‘It’s Better If We Can Put Our Two Countries Together’

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  1. believe me it would be a lot better if Mexico was divided up into 4 or 5 more states. If we are going to be forced to take in their citizens then go all out and take the whole dam country and set our government there

  2. WOW! Cindi, what a grand display of the ignorant & misguided!(or paid) It’s obvious that there’s plenty of kool aid to drink and free stuff, also that most of these people live no where close to the border & don’t have a clue. Any given 24 hour period people I know can sit & count increasing numbers of groups of 6 to 25 “CRIMMINALS” crossing their properties leaving tons of trash, destruction of fences, water supplies, slain cattle (their livihood)& Yes,even BODIES of those that couldn’t make it.

    This isn’t ‘tolerance’ it’s a pathway to submission by those that just are flat too lazy to learn or flat don’t give a damn!!

    I noticed that those not speaking English, had signs in English???? (kinda like what we see in ‘forgein protest) Curious don’t you think?

    How secure are the borders when legal citizens can’t sit on their porches & patios without a gun within reach, or go their own barn to feed their own stock without being armed? These AMERICAN citizens are forced to accept “fear” over freedom & there’s something very wrong in that.