Is It Time for a New Conservative Party?

By | March 18, 2013

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About Cameron Macgregor

Cameron Macgregor graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2007. He then served aboard the navy destroyer USS BENFOLD for just over two years, working primarily as an engineering officer. He completed one deployment to the Arabian Gulf in 2008, a tour that involved a diverse range of operations from anti-piracy to anti-drug trafficking. After leaving the navy Cameron briefly worked for Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC). Since, Cameron has been writing and teaching. Some of his work has appeared in the Washington Times. He is currently a graduate student at George Mason University.

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One thought on “Is It Time for a New Conservative Party?

  1. Bob Russell

    This is an excellent article that spells out the case quite well. I wrote about this last month asking for leaders to step up and form a party for We the People, the 67% who are truly conservative. The Globalist Oligarchy Party (GOP) is no longer capable nor willing to stand on the values that forged this great nation. All we need now is for those people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to unite with the wealthy conservatives and pull the rank and file into a future of liberty for all.

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