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7 thoughts on “I Think I Will Marry My Horse

  1. Jerry T

    Great insite Chris. You can take the greatest structure that man is capable of creating and destroy it by weakening its structure. Obama and the left are social termites taking little bites at our foundation and our strenght. They know that after a while we will topple. The despots of the world see this also and laugh at how the majority of good moral Americans allow it. I am tired of it myself and am at a point that I refuse to turn another cheek. Obama is not a leader, he is a puppet for another’s cloaked agenda. He knows if you destroy the soul you destroy the person. If you destroy the reason you destroy the purpose. You kill the economy and over regulate business, destroying jobs, you destroy the family and the man…you kill the soul of America. It is a pattern that has worked or every tyrant our world has seen. Obama is not stupid but we are to allow it. JT

    1. chris vaca

      Well said Mr T, I agree with you 100%. More people need to stop turning the other cheek, that is the only way we can get America back.

  2. Jan Brown

    The truth is, Chris, once again you’ve added balance aka ‘commn sense’ to the discussion. Many are so intense on personal wants there is a growing tendency to forget the age old axiom “For every action, there is a re-action” Consequences are unavoidable. Indeed, one may wonder if the ‘feels good do it’ and “I’m ok, you’re just so so” days of the 70’s are returning & proving..again.. we haven’t learned from our mistakes…In a Country that has an easily understood Constitution (by those that read it) & where the ‘majority’ are to be served by it..,HOW is it that the small percentage of (2-5%)take priority to the remaining 95-98$ on this or other issues in our path?

    I, like you & many others beieve in the traditional marriage…However…The same Creator (I call Him God) that gave me my “free-will” also granted this to those with different opinions. And, in valuing mine, I must also see value in theirs….Is it wrong for me to expect the same in return?

    QUESTION: Must I, as a Christian business owner be denied my religious freedoms & alter my business plan to accomadate that which I believe to be morally wrong? Am I to cast aside years of work & dreams of the business I have been building for my childre’s future? … Is a man made restriction & denial of my use of free will and Constutional Right to religious freedoms truly an equal replacement? Am I to be a sacrifical lamb?

    Our Country is being threated from fronts around the world. Our very existence is in jeporady…these are the prioritities that should be our focus now…in fighting & division takes attention away from that.

    I seriously doubt there will ever be a resolution on this issue, yet we continue to expend valuable energies…(to me) it’s rather like the gambler with an addiction. As my family goes hungry, I set at the table & continue to feed the kitty one more time.

    1. Jerry Peters

      Hi Jan, I am also in favor of traditional marriage, it is the way things God meant it to be. But if someone wants to be a homo let them, I resent the fact it is always being shoved down my throat all the time, forcing me to accept something I know in my heart is wrong. I agree also that Chris always adds common sense to his articles, I enjoy them and he says what he truly believes with no care about political correctness.

      1. Jan Brown

        I appreciate your comment Jerry. I am sinceir in repecting other opinions, share or not. I try to make a concentrated effort not to use any labels or adjectives to describe the ‘other’ opinion. I believe that to ‘name’ or tag names is to futher divide.

        1. Chris Vaca Post author

          Thanks guys, I like to think I have common sense, people on our side have to speak out more. It seems like many are afraid to speak because of political correctness, that’s why the left is winning.

          1. Jerry Peters

            Unfortunately you are right Chris, P.C. keeps many people from speaking out for fear of attacks, people need to speak up more. By the way I just finished your latest book,it was great, the whole book is full of common sense views, just like all of your articles. Keep up the good fight.

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