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3 thoughts on “Women May Be Required to Register for Draft

  1. Jan Brown

    Admiting that I’ve grown ‘somewhat’ suspect any time this Administration want more personal information about us… Many of us of the ‘fairer sex’ have wailed incesently about ‘equal’ rights…So where is the complaint about ‘equal’ registration for draft?..With full acknowledgement & apprciation of all the physically fit & competent patriotic women that wish to serve ..this is what many of you asked for…equality. Call me old fashioned, but I am one female homosapien that doesn’t thing women should be in combat.

    1. Cindi Post author

      I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree, Jan! Women, as a whole, in this situation, get what they have asked for, and what they deserve, if this passes! I do not believe women belong in combat either. However, the feminists have pushed and pushed and pushed. They want to be equal. So be it! All I can do is pray my daughters don’t get caught up in the mess!

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